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Sunday, 31 October 2010


Happy Halloween, guys! I'm proud to present My Oh Emi's first Halloween. When I woke up this morning, I remembered I was meeting up with Hanna, Farnaz and Diana.

Mum gave me a ride to centrum about 20 minutes before I was going to meet them. Then I went to ICA and bought a chocolate and a Coke, and walked around for a while.

When they finally came we went to Hanna's and Diana's place and fixed Halloween costumes for no purpose at all! Here's mine:

Farnaz gave me the dress as a belated birthday gift. It's so pretty, innit? Then some other things happened, but you'll have to ask me personally to know.

~x Emi x~

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Oh em gee

Oh em gee, indeed! I spent my whole day at a kids' Halloween party, and had nothing to do for 7 hours. Never again. I'm serious. Ah well, the kids liked me and wanted to sit in my lap all the time.

And I'm hungry. It's 10.57 PM, and I'm hungry. What kind of weird person am I? Tomorrow I'm maybe meeting up with Emelie. Can't wait.

~x Emi x~

Friday, 29 October 2010

Titles? For losers

It's just 'cause I suck at titles, isn't it? The Drama was so awesome. I had my sushi (shushi xD) for lunch and then we went to centrum with Max and Julia and tried Kinect. It was really cool, and yeah, Max was better than me. Then on the way back we saw Gavin, Alex, Axel and Andreas and I hung out with them before lunch break was over. More details if you ask me, I'm too lazy to type everything out.

In fact, I'm speaking to Gavin right now, haha. He's forcing me to sing something weird, but I refuse. That's Emi alright.

~x Emi x~

Thursday, 28 October 2010


Later today I promise I'll post some of the pictures that Lili snapped at Choice Day. Why is the post called sushi? Because I don't have to starve today, I'm taking pack lunch. And it's sushi, and a few other stuff. Alas, I have to go now. Ridiculously short post, without purpose.

~x Emi x~

Drama Choice + Updates

Hi y'all, I never told you about my day. But first I'll inform you about some updates.

My posts are always signed with ~x Emi x~, remember that. Dante has the right to write on here, isn't that awesome? You'll notice who is who. I have a special signature, like I just said. Nothing stranger than that.

I'm exhausted, guess who jumped around all day? Me? What made you think that? Okay, it's me. Mr Ward told me I'm a great actress and that simply made my day. I got to be the group leader, too. Awesome.

~x Emi x~

Well, hi. Guest-writer be stalking you.

Well, hi. I'm Dante(Or Yuri, whatever) and Emi kinda asked me if I wanted to be a guest-writer.
So here I am, stalking you all.

..Baah. Emi. All that I say is uninteresting... Interesting does not exist in my dictionary. So ha.

This will probably be the shortest post I've made so far.

Peace out.


Yeah, I finally got my phone to stop importing 100 random pictures, and that is good. Here's a few pictures.

My awesome eye

Steffy and Nat

Nat and I, ugly jacket eh?

Notice it says "Emi <3". I know I suck, haha.

My brother is Darth Vader.

I had my feet on Hanna's legs and she posed for the camera.

Hanna's and my feet. Guess which feet are mine?

Hanna's, Diana's and my feet.

Star made by Hanna, Diana and me.

Triangle by same people as above.

This cracked us up so badly, 'cause it's so random! Yes, it's a real parrot.

What would you call this?

Oh God, the parrot was /so/ funny. We all freaked out and almost fell to our knees laughing. You don't see live parrots by the bus station every day.

~x Emi x~

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


-Chuckles- I got to say, the last blog post was kind of awesome, no? Of course it was. It was also a real conversation, so now we know it's Valerie's fault.

I also considered adding the first picture here, fear THE PICTURE!

I'm the one at the back. We named the matress Angelina -shot- Don't ask why.

~x Emi x~

It was Valerie

[x~Emi~x] säger:Then it's /your/ fault

[x~xX.::+::.DANTE.::+::.Xx~x] säger:....D=

[x~Emi~x] säger:Then it's /Victoria's/ fault

[x~xX.::+::.DANTE.::+::.Xx~x] säger:..Noo.. It's /Valerie's/ fauklt

[x~Emi~x] säger:...DEFINITELY

[x~xX.::+::.DANTE.::+::.Xx~x] säger:HO YES

[x~Emi~x] säger:SO IT WAS VALERIE, EH?

[x~xX.::+::.DANTE.::+::.Xx~x] säger:YES

[x~Emi~x] säger:I knew it all along!
~x  Emi  x~

Awesome quote

"We're cute, sweet, little children -COUGH-" - Dante, 27/10 - 10

~x Emi x~

'F' is for 'Fail'

I keep typing my Blogspot password wrong, and that's bugging me. S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y. No, that's not my password. I won't tell you.

I feel sick, and I have to eat soon. We dislike this~ I'm not sure why I feel nauseous, but it's NOT feeling good. And I'm to write my essay now, take care. And hey, check My Oh Emi every day for updates.

~x Emi x~

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

When the title fails...

Don't ask about the title, you won't get one and you can't force me. The response about the blog made me happy, so thank you very much. I will, however, request a header soon enough.

Tomorrow Isabelle's mom is taking me to scouts, and next week we're taking Isabelle. My mom will be so happy. So it was either Isabelle, or Sofia, and Isabelle lives closer.

You will get more posts later, I was just bored now. This message was written in less than two minutes - I'm awesome like that.

~x Emi x~

Titles are for morons

Pffft, who has a title? Titles are for morons! I'm feeling very positive about my blog today, because I've been given good feedback about everything, not least the way I write.

Tomorrow we have a Science test, and I guess I'm prepared. I mean, I could answer all the questions in the book. That is good. Then we have a Religion essay to write until Friday. I'm doing alright.

On Thursday we're having Choice Day at school, and that continues until Friday. Apparently, I have Drama. I had that in 7th grade, and it's the most fun choice, so I'm happy. Last time I had Drama, we were going to play ... plays. My role was being a mean director, and before acting them out, we were going to pretend being our characters. I was so good the teachers (who didn't know me) asked if I really was that mean. Oh, that was so funny.

Thanks for the page views and responses already guys, it means a lot.

~x Emi x~

Monday, 25 October 2010


Hi wonderful people who may be reading this

Here's a trick question: what do you do when you bake 100 cookies at Home Economics and you're 4 people to share them?

ANSWER: You get your share and don't let anyone taste.

Ha, just kidding. Do whatever you want with the cookies. Eat them, stuff them in a bag or give one to Jane. Not much else happened today. I've had "I Don't Care" by Apocalyptica stuck in my head all day. Wow. Interesting.

~x Emi x~

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Even more roleplay

-This time another friend, Nick, joined in. It basically starts where the last post left off. The characters remain the same, plus Nero = Nick.-

Emilia swallowed hard and prayed quickly, the gun shaking in her hand. Not for one second did she let Dante out of sight
Dante grinned, as he held on to the statue with one hand, the sword in the other, as he leaned over to be able to look down at the other. "Well, then."
Emilia finally managed to hold the gun in a firm grip. She tried to aim, and with shaking hands she pulled the trigger.

Dante swiftly moved out of the way of the bullet, circling around the pole he was holding on to, before throwing his sword at the girl and jumping after it
Emilia screamed and tried to jump out of the way. She ended up falling to the ground, feeling lightheaded. "What are you?" she whispered, barely concious.

Dante stood up from his position, pulling his sword from the ground. "A half demon." He merely muttered, grinning slightly.

Nero absentmindly walked into the large room, staring down at the Devil Bringer. He then looked up, spotting Dante with his sword, and then he noticed a girl too. He raised an eyebrow, walking closer to the duo.
Emilia saw another person than Dante in the room, but only slightly. She struggled to stay awake, because if she didn't, she would die.

Dante gripped his sword tighter, before walking slowly at his 'enemy', gripping the upper part of her arm. "Stay awake." He said, holding her up, before whipping his head around, sensing another presence. "Ah. Hello, Nero."

Nero raised his hand for a second in greet, before walking a little bit faster to the duo. 'What's this, Dante? Fighting with a girl?' He mumbled teasingly, with a smile on his features.
Emilia managed to keep awake, and tried to get up. Alas, she was very dizzy and almost fell over again. Luckily, Dante was holding on to her. "I can't."

Dante gripped the female her chin tightly, lifting it up. "Do it. I don't think you want to die, hm? And currently I'm /helping/ her, Nero." He muttered, before flipping Nero off. He then gave a small tap against the female's cheek. "Hmmm."

Nero grinned at the action of the elder, before walking up to the girl. 'What's wrong with her?' He then asked, looking up at the elder of the three, before looking down at the girl.
Emilia twisted her face in agony. Yet, she had to get up. On shaking legs, she managed to stand up. She felt sick, and was gasping for breath. The grins of the others were freaking her out, and their looks seemed to burn her.

Dante wrapped his free arm around the female's waist, so that if she would fall he could catch her immediaetly. "You okay?" He muttered, staring at the younger, concerned with said's condition.

Nero narrowed his eyes slightly, examining the youngest with his eyes. '...She doesn't look too good. Looks like she's in shock or something.' He said, driving his gaze back to the eldest.
Emilia groaned as the pain in her chest was becoming constant and threatened to suffocate her. It felt like breathing through a straw and her fingers were numb. "Water, I need wa-" She gasped. One more word, and she would probably would choke. Emilia kept on struggling to breathe.

~x Emi x~


-This is a roleplay between my friend Yuri and me. It's written on, so that's why we don't have descriptions: it's just our actions. We've just started, but Dante is a half-demon from "Devil May Cry" and Emi is just a random civilian. Enjoy~ -

Dante. narrows eyes, jumping up and landing on Emi.

Emi-lia screams in surprice, dropping her nail file. "What the ffff-"

Dante. grins down at Emi, stroking her hair.

Emi-lia freezes and holds breath.

Dante. raises an eyebrow. "What's wrong now?"

Emi-lia shivers. "I...I don't know. Don't kill me."

Dante. grins widely. "My sword is over there." He said, pointing at his sword.

Emi-lia closes her eyes. "So what happens now, Dante?"

Dante. grins. "I don't know... You choose."

Emi-lia dares to look up at Dante. "I..I..I-" Her voice breaks off.

Dante. raises an eyebrow again. "What's wrong, little girl?" He asks, smiling.

Emi-lia freezes again. "What have I done?"

Dante. smiles slightly, as if not to scare the other. "Nothing... I just felt like... Playing."

Emi-lia tries to sit up. " I get to live?" She tries to laugh, but it comes out as a hoarse sound.

Dante. raises an eyebrow. "For now, yes. If you resist nicely.. Maybe I'll let you go." He mutters in reponse.

Emi-lia nods slowly. "Whatever you want, sir. What do you want me to do?"

Dante. reaches out to grab his sword, grinning. "...Do what you do when protecting yourself." He says, as he gets up, before grabbing Emi's collar and pulling her up.

Emi-lia swallows and keeps her eyes focused on the sword. She holds out her hands. "I'm...unarmed."

Dante. pulls out one gun, stuffing it in the girl's hands. "Now you aren't." He says, smiling, before jumping up onto a statue.

~ x Emi x ~

Welcome to "My Oh Emi"


I guess you read the description? You did? Nice. Then I don't have to introduce myself so much. My name is Peri, but I don't like it too much, so you may call me Emi. Huh? What has my nickname got to do with my name? Nothing at all. My dear friends abbreviated "Emilia" (long story) and then it became Emi. Wow.

In this blog I'll be writing about whatever I feel like. I may insert pictures, songlyrics, or just tell you about my day. Happy with that? Yes, thought so. Take care and hey - welcome to My Oh Emi :)

~x Emi x~