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Saturday, 27 November 2010


I just didn't have inspiration, okay? Now Yuri forced me to write something, but I might also say that he hasn't blogged for 10 days. Mine was 9 days.

Nothing interesting has happened, and I'm bored.

~x Emi x~

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Hi again. I just don't have inspiration. How 'bout you guys hear a poem?

I've got to tell you before we get set
I'm an artist, not a poet
When you're nearabout I get all wordless
Guess it's like that to be nervous
Guess it's like that to be in love
With the person I'm so fond of
You're so fine, you take my breath away
You make me dizzy, you make me sway
Love on TV is just fake
Well mine makes my chest ache
I'm not the type for poetry
Am I wishing for you to like it hopelessly?
I'll end with a simple "I love you"
Believe me when I say it's true

Nat slept over yesterday, and helped me choose clothes for Saturday. Found some amazing stuff, and I feel great. I also got my fringe cut. It looks good, for once. Today then? NOTHING! Nat and I sat in our PJs and played video games, and cooked something to eat. That was our day. Pasta takes so long to cook, god damn it.

~x Emi x~

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Worst bloggah ever

Thanks dear Dante for the second reminder. I've just not had anything to write about. Now I do, though.

On Saturday I'm going to the pictures with Daniel. Not sure what we're gonna watch, but it's leaving me sleepless. Ah, this isn't good for me. Nothing else to say.

Hi, I'm Emi. Maybe Yuri wants to say something?

Here's a song. "All I Need" by Within Temptation.

~x Emi x~


Please update your blog.
Thank you.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Dearest readers.
In the last post I asked you guys to say what you want to see in this blog, and I got two really serious comments by Yuri and Anna *cough cough*. I'm just telling you, guys, you totally asked for it, haha.

Fish, by Anna.

Devil May Cry, by Yuri.

~x Emi x~

Sunday, 7 November 2010


I kind of have to write something, myself, if I just told Dante to update his blog. Right? But hey guys.

Tell me what you want me to write about in My Oh Emi. Open for all ideas.

~x Emi x~

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Nail varnish god

Dante säger:WOOOOO

[x~::Emi::~x] There's nothing else to do, every me and every you säger:

~x Emi x~

I suck lol

Dear readers, I'm so sorry I forgot to update. Dante reminded me for approximately one minute ago, and yeah. Here I am.

For about two days ago Issa slept over, and we cut some t-shirts and stuff. Dante, did you know she drew you? Anyway~

Yesterday we went to the cinema and saw "Sammy's Adventure". It was alright, although it kept following the same pattern all the time:

2. You've seen him/her? AWESOME! I'll be hopeful!
3. I found you~ I am HAPPY!

Repeat that a few times, and vóila! That's the film for ya.

~x Emi x~


Don't worry, I did it for ya~~

~ Dante ouo

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Candy and stuff

Today I hung out with Issa all day. Met her at centrum at about 11-ish and then we went and bought some Maltesers and chocolate from ICA. Then we walked to McDonald's and had some lunch, after buying a 1,5 litre Coke bottle. We followed Jacky's advice to eat chips with milkshake, and we liked it. No, neither of us are pregnant.

After that we walked back to centrum and tried clothes. Or rather, we chose the most horrible clothes for eachother. It was awesome. I beat Issa at the game. I have pictures, and I'll upload them later.

Tomorrow I'm meeting Issa again, and this time she's sleeping over. I won't get to sleep. We're going to Täby then, so even more walking around and fast food.

~x Emi x~

Monday, 1 November 2010

OC meme

~Choose 10 characters (anime,cartoons,film or even OC's) WITHOUT looking at the questions first... and let's begin!
I choose:

1. Aleks
2. Emilia
3. Art Blastside
4. Dana Mercer
5. Ezio
6. Vivienne
7. Alex Mercer
8. Magenta
9. Harley Quinn
10. Altaïr

~Okay, let's get started!

1. #6 tries to kiss #10 .What happens?
Vivienne and Altaïr. Would that ever happen? Altaïr would probably either a) stab Vivienne or b) be kissed.

2. If #1 had to fight #9, who would win?
Aleks and Harley Quinn. Of course Harley Quinn would win, what kind of stupid question is that?

3. Who is hotter? #4 or #7?
Dana Mercer and Alex Mercer. Dana's a chick. So Alex.

4. You have to go on a date with either #2 or #3. Who would you go with?
Emilia and Art Blastside. Art's badass, so her.

5. You have to dance with #8. Which song do you pick?
Oh God, I have to dance with Magenta? "Canima Degsin" by Hepsi.

6. It's #5's birthday! What would you & #6 buy them?
Happy birthday, Ezio! Vivienne and I would probably buy him a new blade.

7. #9 wants to grab something to eat. What would you guys have?
...I get to eat with Harley Quinn?! I'd say pizza or something.

8. #3, #4, #7 & #10 play twister. Who wins?
Art Blastside, Dana Mercer, Alex Mercer and Altaïr.
Alex Mercer would win. Altaïr second place. Art third. Dana last.

9. You and #1 go to the amusement park. Where does #1 want to go first?
Aleks would most probably want to go on Free Fall or something.

10. It's Halloween and you, #2, #3 and #8 go trick-or-treating. What would your costumes be?
Emilia, Art Blastside and Magenta.
Emilia would be Dante (xD), Art wouldn't even need to dress up and Magenta would be a witch.

~x Emi x~