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Thursday, 18 November 2010


Hi again. I just don't have inspiration. How 'bout you guys hear a poem?

I've got to tell you before we get set
I'm an artist, not a poet
When you're nearabout I get all wordless
Guess it's like that to be nervous
Guess it's like that to be in love
With the person I'm so fond of
You're so fine, you take my breath away
You make me dizzy, you make me sway
Love on TV is just fake
Well mine makes my chest ache
I'm not the type for poetry
Am I wishing for you to like it hopelessly?
I'll end with a simple "I love you"
Believe me when I say it's true

Nat slept over yesterday, and helped me choose clothes for Saturday. Found some amazing stuff, and I feel great. I also got my fringe cut. It looks good, for once. Today then? NOTHING! Nat and I sat in our PJs and played video games, and cooked something to eat. That was our day. Pasta takes so long to cook, god damn it.

~x Emi x~